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New Products Expanded Nozzle Range
Next Generation Leak Proof Solutions with the latest thermal technology

Nexus™ Pre-Wired and Pre-Assembled Systems

Nexus™ Pre-Wired Systems are delivered as a complete turn-key solution for quick and simple installation. Nexus™ Systems incorporate the advanced leak protection of FlowLoc™ Threaded Nozzle Technology and Cylix™ Cylinders for valve gate actuation.

With the ability to process both commodity and abrasive engineering grade polymers, Nexus™ Systems are ideal for small to medium automotive, medium to large appliance and large part electrical applications. Nexus™ Systems are fully customisable to suit your specific application requirements.

SX Nozzle

The SX nozzle is a dedicated single nozzle solution giving outstanding performance for all single nozzle applications. Utilising two independently controlled heater zones achieves uniform temperature distribution along the length of the nozzle, making it the ideal nozzle to process demanding engineering and temperature sensitive resins. Available now in H13 or 420 Steel.

BX Nozzle

The BX nozzle is a general purpose solution for low to medium cavitation applications not requiring hot half construction. The BX nozzle provides the same moulding performance as the MX nozzle, just in a rear loading configuration. It is a versatile product suitable for a wide range of applications, which delivers excellent performance under demanding moulding conditions. Available now in H13 or 420 Steel.

TX Nozzle – Flow Loc

The FlowLoc™ Technology Nozzle Range is designed to provide a secure, leak-proof solution for multi-cavity manifold systems. Incorporating advanced heating technology with embedded heaters for exceptional thermal performance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including small to medium automotive, medium to large appliances, large packaging and large part electrical.
Available in 420 Steel.

High Cavity Manifold Systems - Fully Assembled & Expertly Tested Hot Half Systems By Mastip

Manifold System Solutions

Mastip’s expert teams can design and manufacture high cavity single or multi-level systems, with thermal or valve gates. Our systems are designed and manufactured to the highest level
of quality, delivering a uniform melt to each nozzle, ensuring cavity-to-cavity consistency.
This is achieved through natural balancing of the flow channels and ensuring constant temperature profiles are maintained across the manifold block. Mastip can provide you with a Manifold system to meet your requirements in standard high quality mould base steel or stainless steel plates.

Single Valve Gate Technology

Compact, Precise, VeriShot™

The compact design of the VeriShot™ single valve gate system greatlyreduces mould height requirements and functions as a locating ring ensuring perfect alignment between mould and machine platen. The VeriShot™ features advanced heating technology for optimum control, providing exceptional thermal performance for improved part quality. The VeriShot™ is ideal for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish, fast flow rates, large volume parts and dimensional accuracy.

Temperature Controllers - Meticom Series

Meticom: TC5100, TC5200 and TC5H

Mastip’s METICOM TC5100, TC5200 and TC5H, Temperature controllers are CE approved, high quality, reliable control systems that are flexible, easy to set up and simple to operate. Designed for quick installation and able to deliver consistently under demanding conditions, the METICOM control system provides accurate control of your Hot Runner System temperature. Easy-to-use navigation with colour touch screens and module memory settings (internal and external USB drive) that allows injection moulders to conveniently save settings for quick tool changes.

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