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Italian high-quality polishing tools

As the first mold polishing tools supplier in Italy, Sverital has built a reputation of excellence. We’ll work for you and your clients to outfit their gear with premium Italian tools within their budgets and meet the needs of the next generation of mold polishers.

Give your polishers the right tools to achieve mirror-finishing

Explore Sverital complete selection of polishing tools properly developed for mold finishing. All Products are made with premium raw materials in northern Italy and are used worldwide.

Felt, brushes and polishing tools

Handles and holders for polishing purpose

Why become a Sverital partner?

We were born in 1950 as a Reseller. After over 70 years and more than 30 product partners, we are yet a Reseller as well as a producer.  For this reason, we know what matters for you and your clients.

We are flexible

Forget big batches and forced restock.

We are custom-made

Any product dimensions or shapes are available.

We are trustworthy

Italian family business since 1950.

Are you a Reseller?

Get our sample kit and reserved price list.

Become our partner

Support tailored to your needs

Dedicated Consultant

A contact person from initial inquiries to accounting matters.

Product certifications

Each item is supplied with international certifications and safety sheets.

Exclusive discounts

Basic 10% discount for new partners.

Get in touch with us

Ask us any questions about our products and company.

Pierangelo Scaravonati

P.M. Polishing e Surfaces Finishing

Michele Paglino

Supply Chain Manager

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