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Standardized components for the water or oil conditioning of moulds for plastics and for die-casting processes. The widest range of date stamps and markings available on the Italian market.

Sintered vents and
mould cooling fountains

The components offered are the ideal solution for solving and preventing common issues in plastics processing, such as the hot spots caused by excessive heat accumulation and all defects generated by insufficient air and gas venting from the mould cavity.


Quick connectors
and nipples

Fittings and connections made with top quality materials suitable for harsh environments and heavy duty applications.


Date stamps
and inserts

Large-scale productions and the consequent need for product traceability require that even injection moulded items be provided with information and manufacturing characteristics.
The infinite variables require a very wide range of inserts and date stamps, such as those proposed by Sverital


Hot runners

Injection systems are the link between the injection moulding machine and the mould.
These systems must ensure an excellent temperature profile in order to deliver high quality products. All the solutions offered have been selected with the aim of meeting these requirements at best.

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control units

The right temperature in an industrial production process is fundamental and determines the quality and usability of the product. To this purpose, the market is increasingly demanding machines that are able to simplify temperature control and speed up programming procedures.
Modular design, data storage and performance indicators are at the basis of our proposals.

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and thermocouples

In addition to undergoing a series of tests that include Ohm value, electrical rigidity, electrical dispersion and insulation resistance, our cylindrical and band resistances are manufactured according to construction criteria that comply with all international protection regulations. The thermocouples selected, on the other hand, are designed to meet most application needs related to injectors and manifolds of hot-runner injection systems.