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Lsr dosing systems

Liquid silicone is a material with interesting physical properties. In particular, its tenacity at high temperatures and its resistance against weather agents. Liquid silicone also stands out for its flexibility and malleability. This material is increasingly applied in various sectors, from the medical to the food industry, and from seals to insulators.

Sverital offers the widest range of devices with different feeding techniques available on the market: hydraulic, pneumatic, hybrid, or fully servo-electric. The choice of the right technology takes place only after a careful assessment of the production needs by a professional advisor together with the buyer.

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Purging compounds
and cleaning solutions

Machine downtime and colour/material changes are daily operations that inevitably generate scrap. An aspect that is still neglected and mismanaged. A product that can really minimize these risks should be viewed as a periodic investment that leads to real savings on time and materials. In this regard, we offer specific products for the purging of plasticization cylinders and hot runner systems.

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Collecting systems
for moulded parts

Collection chutes are integrated into plastic injection moulding machines where a gentle removal or systematic transfer of the moulded parts is required. Protective baffles, on the other hand, are added in the case that the moulded parts may get lost laterally during removal.

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Moulding shop

Deflashing tools, clamps and fixturing tables, along with personal protective equipment, are some of the accessories most in use by plastic moulding companies. In order to enhance operators’ agility and safety, our product range only includes ergonomic products made of resistant and durable materials

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Releasing and
protective agents

All products and sprays dedicated to mould makers and to the injection moulding industry comply with environment protection rules. In fact our product range does not include any “Class I” chemicals or ozone-depleting CFCs.

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metering systems

The impeccable feeding and accurate mixing of raw materials and additives are fundamental for delivering top quality end products.

The choice between a volumetric or a gravimetric feeding system is important for quantifying an investment and its return. Our advisors are at your disposal to individuate the best solution for maximizing the cost / benefit ratio

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Injection units
and rotary equipments

The shortest way to transform existing machines and equipment into real fully automatic cells. Shorter cycle times, energy saving, lower investments, compact production layout are the advantages that can be obtained by choosing our solutions.

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Care for details as a habit in every field is translated into excellence and quality, two aspects that must be integrated in any injection moulding project. Damage from pieces left inside the mould or from poorly placed moving components, generate extraordinary maintenance costs and unexpected downtimes. All this can be avoided by applying a suitable vision system.

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