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Equipment for
the workbench

The work bench is the place where professionals and operators carry out their activity. Whatever type of task is performed, it is essential that the work bench is designed and supplied with all specific equipment, in order to speed up and improve operations. The products selected are constantly updated with new solutions to keep abreast of the market demands and advancements.


movement tools

Only select raw materials that make the variety of linear tools as suitable and performing as possible. Stones, files and abrasive cloths for each occurrence, always available and offered in different packages.


movement tools

Every professional has his own trusted tools.
Over the years, various tips, wheels and abrasive rubber types have been compared, with the aim of finding the most suitable tools for your way of working.
To meet as many needs as possible, we offer a wide range of tools for surface roughing and finishing


materials and tools

Excellent results in a very short time: this is the goal of all professionals and of Sverital when selecting the right materials for surface lapping and polishing.
Diamond pastes, felt, wood and plexiglass tools, selected exclusively among the best international brands.

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